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Victor Fresco is a television writer, producer and show creator.

He is credited with creating the critically acclaimed television series "Better Off Ted" which ran for two seasons on ABC and the FOX show "Andy Richter controls the Universe", for which he was nominated for a writing Emmy.

Career Background[]

His first writing break was in 1989 when his freelance script was accepted by the hit television comedy, "Alf." He joined "Alf" as a staff writer in 1990. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Victor received his Bachelors degree in film and political science from Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass. After graduating, Victor returned to Los Angeles where he worked in television commercials as a production assistant and prop master.

Fresco wrote for three years on NBC's "My Name is Earl," and created the FOX series "Life on a Stick" and the ABC series "Trouble with Normal." He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on "Mad About You" and was an executive producer on the Burt Reynolds CBS series "Evening Shade."