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Veronica Palmer
Veronica Palmer.jpg
First seen "Pilot"
Portrayed by Portia de Rossi
Job Executive
Employer Veridian Dynamics

Veronica Palmer is an executive at Veridian Dynamics.

ABC Character Bio[]

Veronica is Ted Crisp's immediate superior. She's a dynamic and efficient leader who doesn't let silly things like feelings or the lives of innocents stand in the way of success. She's a no-nonsense company woman who rarely lets her hair down.

In spite of Veronica's steely exterior, there are rumors that she has a softer side. Ted swears he's seen it but everyone else is dubious.

Veronica respects Ted because he's almost as smart and attractive as she is. But not quite. That's why she makes three times his salary.[1]

Dislikes the Dutch for some reason.




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