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During the show

Every commercial ends with the Veridian Dynamics logo and a short slogan.

Veridian Dynamics' Commercial: Life. Better.[]

This is the first Veridian Dynamic' Commercial we see and the introduction to the world of Better Off Ted. It appeared in Season 1, Episode 1 "Pilot". It lasts 44 seconds. It is the only commercial to have no specific theme beside self-promoting the company and talking about how they benefit you.

Transcript: Veridian Dynamics. Every day something we make, makes your life better. Power, we make that. Technology, we make that. Cows, well, no. We don't make cows. Although we have made a sheep and medicines and airplane engines and whatever this is, and all sorts of things. Veridian Dynamics. Every day, something we make, makes your life better... Usually. Veridian Dynamics, Life. Better.

The first commercials has these images and videos:

  1. A female scientist wearing lab coat and goggles looking at a chemical through a lab beaker.
  2. Hands closing a medicine bottle.
  3. A water dam near a large body of water.
  4. A satellite soaring through space.
  5. A lot of cows.
  6. A sheep.
  7. A lot of pill capsules slowly falling through a white void.
  8. Underbody shot of an airplane.
  9. A machine.
  10. A field of air turbines.
  11. A close up of silver gears.
  12. Coffee.
  13. A clear or crystal perfume bottle.
  14. A farming machine cutting wheat.
  15. A young girl (teen?) using a laptop on the floor.
  16. A field of solar panels.
  17. A sad girl in the shower.
  18. A man going through a CT scanner.
  19. A moving lawnmower.
  20. A girl putting on lipstick.
  21. A machine I don't know the purpose of.
  22. A person looking over X-ray pictures.
  23. The Golden Gate Bridge.
  24. Two girls hugging in front of a white background.
  25. A missile hitting a platform and blowing up (Weapons Test?)

Veridian Dynamics' Commercial: Food. Yum.[]

The second Veridian Dynamics' commercial. It was played during Season 1, Episode 2 "Heroes", the theme being food, with Veridian Dynamics talking about their food and food-like products and their ability to make such products. This commercial is 36 seconds long.

Transcript: Veridian Dynamics, we're the future of food developing the next generation of food and food like products, tomatoes the size of this baby, lemon-flavored fish, chickens that lay 16 eggs a day which is a lot for a chicken, organic vegetables chock full of antidepressants, at Veridian Dynamics we can even make radishes so spicy that people can't eat them, but we're not because people can't eat them, Veridian Dynamics, Food. Yum.

This commercial has these images and videos:

  1. A sped up video of seeds turning to sprout in dirt.
  2. A field of wheat and corn (?)
  3. A person wearing a black suit holding out a pile of dirt with a plant growing out of it.
  4. A female scientist wearing a lab coat and visor looking at a green and yellow chemical through a test tube.
  5. A video of a large tomato with the camera revolving around it
  6. A baby crawling across the screen
  7. A bright yellow fish.
  8. A bunch of chickens.
  9. A ton of fruits and vegetables with the camera spinning around them.
  10. A video of three lab containers: a wide beaker with blue liquid, a shorter beaker with red liquid and a tall erlenmeyer flask with a green liquid. The background being a green screened video of a air turbine.
  11. A man hosing a large area of green plants
  12. Radishes that are on a truck (?)
  13. A female scientist wearing a lab coat and visor looking at a chemical through a lab beaker.
  14. A baby crying inside a bright red crib or play area.

Veridian Dynamics' Commercial: Family. Yay.[]

The third Veridian Dynamics' commercial. It was played during Season 1, Episode 3 "Through Rose Colored HAZMAT Suits", the theme being family with Veridian Dynamics talking about how they are a family, although this probably just for appearances and to give reasons why employees work nights, weekends, and holidays. The commercial is 44 seconds long.

Transcript: Veridian Dynamics, we're a family just like your's, but we don't waste our time throwing leaves around, we put our family to work we mean real work not just eating mush our Veridian Dynamics family work for every member of your family even the dead ones and we're working to bring them back and copy them in case you lose them again. We love our family which is why we work nights, weekends, and major holidays because that's when families should be together. Veridian Dynamics, Family. Yay.

This commercial has these images and videos:

  1. A group of children (one boy, two girls) eating watermelon slices on a table that has a checkered tablecloth.
  2. A group of people throwing fall leaves from a pile into the air.
  3. Someone feeding a baby, baby food with a orange spoon.
  4. A man wearing a bright yellow hard hat, writing on a clipboard with a phone against his ear and shoulder.
  5. Three people: a man with a black hair and beard wearing a black shirt, a woman with curly brownish hair wearing a black and white suit, and a blond girl bent over, pointed at a large paper on a reflexive desk, with the other two looking over it.
  6. A man in a suit with black and gray hair wearing lab goggles and measuring the size of red laser's diameter.
  7. A graveyard
  8. An empty grave with the camera slowly rising up from it, it's a bright and sunny day outside the graves.
  9. A mass of men wearing the same suit and looking identical walking forward in unison, the camera having a bird eye view.
  10. Three scientists (one girl, two boys) wearing white suits and looking at a erlenmeyer flask filled with red liquid, white fog emitting from the flask.
  11. A man wearing a white suit, typing on his computer and using a phone, he's in a dark room with the window closed.
  12. A woman at a desk, using a computer and holding a baby in her arm.
  13. A woman and baby looking at fireworks, at night.
  14. A woman and young girl sliding down a blue slide.
  15. Two young girls clapping in front of a pink wall.

Veridian Dynamics' Commercial: Diversity. Good For Us.[]

This commercial has these images and videos:

  1. A man playing basketball wearing a white shirt and orange shorts.
  2. Three smiling people with different colored skin (two girls, one boy) are turning to the camera.
  3. A group of people (multiple ethnicities) wearing office attire and standing around, all smiling
  4. The camera spinning around a table of food
  5. People cheering and jumping in celebration.
  6. A girl eating