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Phil Mymen
Phil Mymen
First seen "Pilot"
Portrayed by Jonathan Slavin
Job R&D Lab Scientist
Employer Veridian Dynamics

Phil Mymen is an R&D lab scientist at Veridian Dynamics. According to Ted, he is one of the best scientists at Veridian Dynamics along with Lem Hewitt

ABC Character Bio[]

Phil is one of Ted Crisp's star scientists. He's like Einstein, but nerdier and with worse hair. Phil can make anything from an egg that powers a car to a T-shirt that gives you a suntan. When he puts his mind to it there's nothing Phil can't do, except make his wife tolerate his existence.

As brilliant as Phil is in the lab, he is equally incompetent when it comes to life outside the lab. Luckily he doesn't spend much time outside the lab. Most of his time is spent with his lab partner and best friend Lem.

Phil is easily manipulated into going along with any of Veridian's insane whims. He's the guy who can be convinced to take a bullet in the head for the company. Someone has to test the new bulletproof hat. [1]


  • He gains a verbal tic where he screams
  • His family: The Mymens were hunted by the English for sport, used as building materials, launched over castle walls by crusaders as ammunition.
  • and had a Russian expression “As useless as a stack of Mymens.”
  • His last name is likely a reference to the fact that he is Lem’s best friend or in other words “My Man” (Mymen)
  • He lied on his résumé, stating he went to M.I.T instead of the University of Aruba where he actually went.
  • He was a part of a rugby group called the Syphilitic Conquistadors and was proud of those years.
  • He played rugby during his time at University of Aruba.
  • He lied about being rescued in Montana by Harrison Ford.




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