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Patricia Belcher is an actress and producer, known for portraying Janet on Better Off Ted.


Belcher was born in Helena, Montana. She is of African American descent. Prior to becoming an actress, Belcher was a contestant on Jeopardy! losing to then attorney Ron Black in one of his 5 games. She studied acting under the guidance of many drama teachers, including the Oscar-nominated actress, Beah Richards.


Belcher is known for playing judges, doctors, nurses, government officials, and other authority figures, often to comic effect. She has made many appearances in films and television series including The Number 23, Unknown, Jeepers Creepers, Heartbreakers and (500) Days of Summer. She also has made appearances in television series, including Everybody Loves Raymond, Boston Legal, The Jake Effect, Twins, The Proud Family, Seinfeld, Sister, Sister, In Plain Sight, The Middle, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Still Sitting down, Beverly Hills, 90210, and How to Get Away with Murder. She is also one of the most active actors appearing in commercials. Products include GEICO, Staples, Time Warner, American Cancer Society and Wells Fargo.

In 2001, Belcher was cast as Jezelle Gay Hartman, a psychic, in the horror film Jeepers Creepers. The film received mixed reviews from critics, however received positive awards from audiences. From 2006 until 2017, she recurred on Bones as attorney Caroline Julian. Belcher produced her 2008 role in the film Lower Learning as Colette.

In 2009, she played Millie in the romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer. Also that year through 2010, Belcher had a recurring role on Better Off Ted as Janet S. Crotum, the head of human resources of Veridian Dynamics. In 2013, she appeared as Ingrid in Bad Words, and she voiced Chimamanda Lobo in the video game Dead Island: Riptide. Later that year Belcher again teamed with Jeepers Creepers writer and director Victor Salva for his horror film Dark House. As well as appearing on The Millers, and Partners.

In 2015, she appeared in the GEICO commercial with the band Europe. She was Grandmother in Wells Fargo's 2017 commercial "Lost Debit Card". She also appeared in 2 other GEICO commercials once as a DMV picture taker and a waitress in a 24 hour diner.