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Mordor the Unforgiving
Mordor 1
First seen "Secrets and Lives"
Portrayed by Mark Deklin
Job Magician
Employer Himself
Relationship Boyfriend

Mordor is known by the stage name Mordor the Unforgiving and is also Veronica's one-time boyfriend.

Character Bio[]

Mordor is a huge fan of sex. Initially, Veronica would travel to Las Vegas twice every month to perform with Mordor, a fact she kept secret from her Veridian employees. Mordor likes sex more than he hates pain, and is willing to let Veronica injure him in order to cheat on her, as Ted discovers after he discovered Mordor carrying on an affair with another Veridian employee under Veronica's nose (after which Veronica "accidentally" shoots Mordor with a speargun); they two broke up after that.