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Linda Zwordling
Linda Zwordling
First seen "Pilot"
Portrayed by Andrea Anders
Job Product Testing Manager
Employer Veridian Dynamics

Linda Zwordling is the product testing manager for Veridian Dynamics.

ABC Character Bio[]

Linda works for Ted Crisp in the testing department. She decides which Veridian Dynamic products are safe and which ones can kill all the fish in the sea. She's creative, independent and idealistic--all qualities Veridian would like to eliminate from their employees. She's the most rational person in the company, the first to point out the insanity of making Christmas sweaters with the unfortunate quality of occasioning eating the flesh of the wearer.

Linda is one of the few Veridian employees who sees her job as simply a job and not a life-long career. She dreams to one day publish her own children's book, the story of a stern zebra and a precocious toaster. It may even get finished one day, if only she could get her illustrator to stop partying long enough to draw a toaster that looks like a toaster.

Ted thinks of Linda as a beautiful flower in a sea of concrete. The two have an unspoken chemistry. Chemistry that Phil and Lem have sadly been unable to recreate in the lab. Perhaps one day Linda and Ted will end up together. Hopefully before the company replaces them both with androids. [1]


  • Linda's middle name is Katherine. [2]
  • May 5, 2008 was the day Linda meet Ted and the same day Ted and Veronica had sex (thus using his office affair).




  2. Veronica Palmer states this while talking to Linda in Pilot.

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