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Lem Hewitt
Lem Hewitt
First seen "Pilot"
Portrayed by Malcolm Barrett
Job R&D Lab Scientist
Employer Veridian Dynamics

Lem Hewitt is a R&D lab scientist at Veridian Dynamics.

ABC Character Bio[]

Lem is a world-famous scientist. He's like Stephen Hawking but with a moustache. His best friend is his lab partner Phil Mymen. They are both geniuses who are equally brilliant (they've done the math).

Unlike Phil, Lem is still single. Lem's idea of flirting usually involves chemistry jokes ("Our nucleus charge must be increasing, because I see spin-orbit coupling in our future"), but he's still the one lab scientist most likely to sleep with an actual woman. It's even been rumored that he's actually done it.

Lem is shyer than Phil. Although Lem isn't scared of creating a nanovirus that could destroy all life on the planet, he is very scared of confrontation. This is probably because he was raised by a domineering mother who once killed a bat with a People magazine. [1]


  • He wrote a humorous column in his college newspaper called “Lem’s snappy answers to theoretical physics questions.”




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