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"Better off Ted" and "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" are both series created by Victor Fresco that take place in an office environment.

Similarities and Differences[]

Better Off Ted Character Similarities Character Andy Richter CTU
Veronica Palmer

-Upper Management

BOT S2 Veronica1

-The Boss
-Trouble Connecting to People
-Brief Romantic Engagement with Main Character

ARCTU Jessica Square
Jessica Green

-Middle Management

Ted Crisp

-Main Character

BOT S1 Ted2

-The Handsome Man

ARCTU Keith Square


Linda Zwordling
BOT S2 Linda3

-The New Girl
-Dreams of Career Outside the Office
-Main Character is Obsessed with Her

ARCTU Wendy Square
Wendy McKay


Lem Hewitt


BOT S2 Lem1

-Shares a Workspace
-Flys a Jetpack
-Family Member Becomes Involved with one of his Co-Workers

ARCTU Andy Square
Andy Richter

-Main Character

Phil Mymen


Phil Mymen

-Shares a Workspace
-Played by Jonathan Slavin
-Attracted to Older Women

ARCTU Byron Square
Byron Togler


Rose Crisp

-Small Adorable Child

Rose Crisp

-Foil for the Main Character's Moral Dilemmas

ARCTU Pickering Square
Mr. Pickering

-Vile Imaginary Ghost


-Modern Cutting Edge Corporation

Veridian Dynamics

-Primarily Creates Military Weapons

Pickering Industries

-Classic around for 100+ Years Corporation

Janet Crotum

-Head of HR
-Played by Patricia Belcher

Ms. Machado

More Shared Themes[]

  • Crawling Through the Vents
  • Death in the Workplace
  • Not being able to open the door to an office fully because it hits a desk
  • The Supply of Creamer