"Better off Ted" and "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" are both series created by Victor Fresco that take place in an office environment.

Similarities and Differences Edit

Better Off Ted Character Similarities Character Andy Richter CTU
Veronica Palmer

-Upper Management

BOT S2 Veronica1

-The Boss
-Trouble Connecting to People
-Brief Romantic Engagement with Main Character

ARCTU Jessica Square
Jessica Green

-Middle Management

Ted Crisp

-Main Character

BOT S1 Ted2

-The Handsome Man

ARCTU Keith Square


Linda Zwordling
BOT S2 Linda3

-The New Girl
-Dreams of Career Outside the Office
-Main Character is Obsessed with Her

ARCTU Wendy Square
Wendy McKay


Lem Hewitt


BOT S2 Lem1

-Shares a Workspace
-Flys a Jetpack
-Family Member Becomes Involved with one of his Co-Workers

ARCTU Andy Square
Andy Richter

-Main Character

Phil Mymen


Phil Mymen

-Shares a Workspace
-Played by Jonathan Slavin
-Attracted to Older Women

ARCTU Byron Square
Byron Togler


Rose Crisp

-Small Adorable Child

Rose Crisp

-Foil for the Main Character's Moral Dilemmas

ARCTU Pickering Square
Mr. Pickering

-Vile Imaginary Ghost


-Modern Cutting Edge Corporation

Veridian Dynamics

-Primarily Creates Military Weapons

Pickering Industries

-Classic around for 100+ Years Corporation

Janet Crotum

-Head of HR
-Played by Patricia Belcher

Ms. Machado

More Shared Themes Edit

  • Crawling Through the Vents
  • Death in the Workplace
  • Not being able to open the door to an office fully because it hits a desk
  • The Supply of Creamer