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2009 TCA Panel

2009 TCA Panel

Cast from Left to Right: Andrea Anders, Jay Harrington, Victor Fresco, Portia de Rossi, Jonathan Slavin, Malcolm Barrett.


The cast of Better Off Ted were all in attendance for the 2009 Television Critics Association Press Tour.


"Human relationships and how people react when they're in a stressful environment. They would so matter of factly accept that their company chose to freeze one of their employees."


 Victor Fresco on human relationships

"I kind of had to throw myself at him. I told him I'd played this character who had similar qualities, very work driven, strong, insensitive, slightly chilly. I had to convince him I could play this character well and could play a character of this nature. So he made me audition."


 Portia de Rossi on metting with Fresco

"Veronica, is funnier than the character I played on Ally. There's a similarity, but the dialogue is crisper and funnier. I'm Australian. I grew up watching the BBC, and comedians like John Cleese. I get a sense of that kind of absurdist, hyper real tone to my character."


 Portia de Rossi on similarities between her Ted character, Veronica, and Lindsay from Arrested Development

"There's a trust factor. I think he likes the challenge to much to ever want to crack. He's pretty cool under the pressure, but we'll see."


 Jay Harrington on Ted rebelling against Veridian


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